Transgender People at Work

LGBTIQ people in the workplace: how does it work?

In June 2011 the Department of Labour released the document “Transgender people at work”.

Read the book and then discuss in groups the following questions.

  1. This guide was developed in response to what Inquiry?
  2. What surprised you about its contents?
  3. How useful would this be at your work place and why?
  4. How much work would you, as a person, as a union need to do to be a true trans* advocate?
  5. Are there any gaps?
  6. What can you do in your workplace to raise issues around trans* people and how  might you make your work place a safer, more inclusive, trans* friendly place?
  7. Do you have any examples from the past (protect the persons identity)? How was the issue handled? In light of the discussion today think about what you might do differently faced with the same or similar situation.
  8. If the Labour department produced a guide for
    A) Gay – Lesbian – Bi-sexual pople
    B) Queer (gender non conforming) people
    C) Intersex people
    what would be the same, what would need to be different – Discuss
  9.  Is your union and/or work place a safe place for allLGBTIQ staff and their allies and if its not what are you going to do?

Download Transgender people at work worksheet (PDF)