Resources for discrimination busters and inclusion heroes!

Below is a list of websites, organisations and resources for those who want to know
more about specific areas relating to LGBTIQ community, union and workplaces.
They are a mix of New Zealand and international sites covering everything from
youth to ageing LGBTIQ, services in rural areas, union web sites and how to be a
Straight Ally. Now go forth and make the world a better place!

Be a straight ally

Two excellent guides on how straight people can be allies in the workplace,
the first one is really easy reading, with lots of case studies and a great honest
look at the barriers to being an ally. What is so nice about this guide is it is written with lots of goodwill for the fact learning to be an ally can be confusing and people can really worry about saying the wrong thing. It is a really accessible resource.

PFLAG Guide to being a straight ally (PDF)

The second resource is from the famous UK Stonewall organisation. This resource also covers in detail how to be a Straight Ally, it is a comprehensive guide, breaking down how people at different levels in an organisation can be Straight Allies, plenty of real life examples and a great list of ‘Top Ten Tips’ for allies

Gay, lesbian and straight education network – a guide to creating an ‘Ally Week’

This site is actually for those in the education sector, but their ‘Educators Guide to Ally Week’ has some easy tips for running a week of awareness raising, making a pledge and creating an inclusive culture that could be applied to workplaces wanting to run similar events.

Creating an Ally week

General health information for LGBTIQ including family violence, mental health and suicide

An incredibly detailed Australian resource, with sections on many health and wellbeing issues as they relate to LGBTIQ people. This site includes not only research and information but also links to webinars and campaigns. It may be a good site to find ongoing education opportunities for your workplace via the webinars.

Rainbow Youth

Rainbow Youth is an Auckland-based organisation providing support, information, advocacy and education for queer and trans* young people (aged between 13 and 28), their friends and Whānau, and those who work with queer and trans* youth. This is a great site for young people, but also for those newly out.


Another great youth resource for Queer youth, by Queer youth, this is also a good place for non queer folk to access information about Queer culture in NZ, films that are coming out, events, the latest resources from within NZ.


A website full of information for Gay men run by a group of Gay men in Wellington. It is a really comprehensive website designed to provide information and support to Gay men. There is lots of information here for anyone wanting to extend their understanding of issues facing Gay men, including religion and sexuality, legal information, suggested reading lists and personal stories.

Queer culture is an online encyclopedia of LGBTQ culture, covering everything from the Arts and Social Sciences to Politics, this is a really detailed site, excellent for the inner academic wanting to queer their knowledge of the Arts.

Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender news

Two NZ sites covering NZ events and news relating to queer community.

Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex retirement association incorporated (GRAI)

Ok, not a NZ resource, BUT an excellent website from Western Australia filled with information and practical strategies to the providers of retirement and residential aged care, so that they are better able to recognise, understand and meet the specific needs of GLBTI people. One of the best resources on this website is best practice guidelines for working with this section of Queer community.

Trans* rights and community

Agender is an organisation supporting Trans*gender people and their families throughout New Zealand. The website doesn’t have a huge amount of information but there are some contacts for Agender branches around NZ for those organisations wanting to build their local contact information.


Although this is an Auckland based advocacy and education organisation, its website has a wealth of information about different sections of Trans* community and for those based in Auckland a really detailed list of Trans* friendly health professionals.



A nationwide phoneline and an online form to access face to face counseling.
Line is for LGBTIQ and their families, they also have an easy to navigate website, with information about events and a good blogroll on Queer issues.


Information for intersex people and their families can be found at Intersex Awareness New Zealand Phone +644 381 2221

Services in Rural Areas

‘Not Round Here- Affirming Diversity, Challenging Homophobia, Rural Service
Providers Training Manual can be ordered found on Australian website :


A great visual resource with lots of comics and practical training activities.

Lesbian and gay archives

This is a real taonga of Queer history, including audio collections of the Homosexual Law Reform, Lesbian and Gay histories from Aotearoa as well as posters, flyers, badges from important moments in Queer history.

Queer visibility project

For an audio collection of NZ experiences of being Queer the below link has an online copy of the Schools Out Queer Visibility Project from 2009, with a range of interviews from across the Queer community.

Give a damn!

A US based site, but designed to be an international resource for LGBTIQ and those wanting to understand more about inclusion and equality. The best part of this site is the personal stories, there are lots of categories including ‘Faith’, ‘Hate Crimes’ ‘Workplace’ ‘Youth Suicide’, ‘Youth Homelessness’ among others, if you want to understand how discrimination plays out in different ways for different people this is a great resource.

New Zealand Council of Trade Unions

Phone (04) 385 1334


CTU Out@Work page:

Union sites






Trade Union Congress (TUC) – United Kingdom

Human Rights Commission (HRC)

For any queries or complaints about discrimination faced because of gender/sexuality identity

contact HRC on
Phone: 0800 496 877 (toll free)

Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE)

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