Kia ora and welcome to the Out@work gender and sexual diversity resource.

This resource is designed for workplaces and union members; it aims to support these environments to become more inclusive places for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, intersex, takatāpui, fa’afafine and queer (LGBTIQ) workers. Through better understanding and education about the barriers currently facing LGBTIQ in workplaces and in wider society we hope that unions and workplaces will be able to create a mindset whereby organisations want to make LGBTIQ feel more included and through this increase access to unions, to enforce workplace rights and support LGBTIQ to reach their full potential in their workplaces.

This resource aims to be positive and practical; to answer the questions that people may have regarding terminology and the experiences of discrimination in workplaces. It also aims to create dialogue between people and challenge ideas that may be unintentionally marginalising LGBTIQ in workplaces or unions. Most importantly it hopes to capture the realities of LGBTIQ and support workplaces and unions to become discrimination busters, allies and partners with LGBTIQ communities to make positive changes.

We want people to be pleasantly challenged with this resource, we want people to think and be engaged while still finding the material accessible. Because we know people have differing levels of confidence with this topic this resource has been created to work in several ways. There are resources to have in workplaces to keep this issue present, there are workshop sessions to promote dialogue and action and there are options for self learning in specific areas.